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For the level and length of experience offered and the status of the solicitor handling your case, we here at David du Pré & Co believe that our hourly rates compare very favourably with those of other specialist divorce lawyers in the central London area, where our offices are located (in Holborn, near the Central Family Court).

Over the longer term this can work out more economically than in other firms particularly if you prefer your first and main point of contact and decision making to be a senior solicitor and for that same solicitor wherever possible to be the one who actually deals with your case on a day to day basis from start to finish rather being delegated to more junior solicitors.

We do not have set or fixed overall fees for the work we carry out. We charge according to the time we have to spend on your case at hourly rates which are agreed with you at the outset. But we do have a reduced fixed fee for an initial one hour preliminary consultation.

Please telephone us for details of our current charges or to arrange an initial meeting. If you are unable to come in for a face to face meeting, we can, by arrangement in advance, have a telephone conversation with you to discuss your situation - for example, if you live or work abroad and need to get urgent advice.

We do not however undertake publicly funded/legal aid cases.

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